Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Today marks my 2-year anniversary of leaving The Martin Agency and what an amazing 2 years of growth it's been. When I resigned from The Martin Agency (4 months short of my 20-year anniversary), I honestly wasn't sure what I was going to do, I just knew that it was time for change. Thank you all for supporting me during that time and encouraging me to stretch my wings. I've learned so much the past couple years and am beyond excited for what the future holds for my own company - Amy Elkin Creative. The Martin Agency will always hold a special place in my heart and I will always follow Mike Hughes' mantra of "do work you love with people you love." Here's a little video my friends made for me when I left, it's warms my heart even though they're making fun of me and my hair...

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow from Amy Elkin on Vimeo.

Sunglass Hut "Punks it up!" 2015

As Sunglass Hut spreads the punk trend around the world this fall, they had a particularly cool showing during London Fashion Week by punking up the cabs too. Riders could take selfies in the back and have them printed during the ride. The cabs will be coming to South Africa too. Congrats to Matthew Heckart for the cool cab design and Brooke England for the campaign.

RVA Makerfest 2015

Because Makerfest is all about celebrating how things are made, we wanted to hand make everything that we did to promote the festival. Jonathan Hirsch, one of our Kitchen Art Directors, designed and drew this year’s logo and poster art by hand. We then scanned the art and sent it to StudioTwo-Three to burn a screen for screen-printing. In one night, we screen-printed over 600 posters. We signed and numbered them, and then embossed them with a custom seal press that branded it as a limited edition 2015 RVA Makefest print.

The agency’s lab is currently in the process of a building a physical version of the steampunk logo. This life-size version will allow attendees of the festival to interact with this hand-made logo.


48 hr Film Project with The Kitchen

Super proud of The Kitchen for winning Best Cinematography and Best Editing for their 48 hr film project: "I prefer Abby". 

The 2015 Kitchen

This summer, Anne Marie Hite and I got the opportunity to lead our agency's summer creative intern program, The Kitchen. We hired 7 prodigies from all over the world to work together as a team to make real stuff for real clients for 3 months. To introduce them to the agency, we had a party where they each took a letter from the word KITCHEN and created a piece of art that represents them as a conversation starter. Keep up with them here:

Sunglass Hut - Summer 2015

Super proud of my Sunglass Hut team who created this out-of-home that features Georgia May Jagger and friends. The work's been running in NYC, London and other big cities around the world along with a Sunglass Hut near you.  My summer's been electrifying now that I've joined the team.

Work that makes a difference

This past April, Tracfone and Dress For Success teamed up to do something really great for women who are trying to get back into the work force and need support. It felt great to create a spot that could really make a difference for women and the cast really appreciated being a part of something special too. Sales exceed expectations which made us all happy.

Moen "Inspired by Reflex" case study

"Inspired by Reflex" Inventor Series

Our "Inspired by Reflex” campaign has been spreading the inventive spirit that's been core to the Moen brand ever since the company’s founder, Al Moen, invented the world's first single-handle faucet in 1937. Moen’s Reflex faucet technology has inspired several would-be inventors to create things that they wish would put themselves away. A father of three has invented a self-retracting sippy cup. 

Two tech guys have solved the abandoned shopping cart problem. 

A Georgia Tech engineering student invented a toy picker upper. 

And a dodgeball enthusiast invented a way to make clean up after games a bit easier. 

In fact, we’ve even had students from the Savannah College of Art and Design create some inventions too. We think Al Moen would be proud. We are.

Moen Reflex TV Campaign 2014

Don't you wish everything could put itself away like Reflex?
Directed by Carl Erik Rinsch.